Better Practice                                                              Greater Insight                                                             Improved Outcomes

For all individuals with a Disability and Workers’ Compensation claim, we want to help you get back to productive employment, if at all possible. We do this by asking you to complete a survey about you, as a whole person, beyond a diagnosis on a paper form! This helps us to understand the impact of psychosocial factors on your condition or injury, and how best to support you. 

  • Gain greater insight into claimants as individuals
  • Help to use interventions more effectively
  • Understand the ‘you’ better

Our focus is to analyze the psychosocial profiles of individual disability and workers compensation claims, provide insight to assist in better, more wholistic claims management, and to help more individuals return to work, “work is healthy”!

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Our Solutions

Understanding Motivation

One of the key drivers for an individual returning to work is the personal desire or drive on part of the individual to re-engage with employment.

“the duration of a claim has no correlation with the healing time of the human body”

Psychosocial Questionnaires

Psychosocial factors should be driving the claim management process…. How can we collect this information in a reliable consistent manner?

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation claims can be complicated by the psychosocial influencers on the injured worker, making recovery all the more difficult. Early understanding of the individual’s situation will help ensure that the right support is provided.

Short Term Disability

Our STD analysis techniques identify the individuals who need most help, and suggest ways in which the claim managers can best handle these claims.

Long Term Disability

For long term disability claims, we provide the claims manager with recommended actions for a specilic individual and their circumstances. It is rather like having a committee of your most experienced claims managers, medical advisors and psychologists look at every claim. This provides the claims manager with a suggested plan to follow, providing the right help and support for the individual.

Data Insight

By collecting richer information on the whole person, we can provide greater insight into the challenges that an individual might face when trying to return to work, going beyond the medical diagnosis to understand psychosocial influencers.

Extended Duration Claims

This is a grouping of claims with the most serious of conditions or injuries where, unfortunately, there is little or no chance of recovery. However, people do get better, people do want to return to work, and we need to identify these individuals and provide them with the right help and support…

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