About Us

We are principally a research organization funded by special projects from the commercial and academic environments. We have been working for a number of years grappling with the challenge of how to improve disability claims management using data analytics. The concept of using advanced analytical techniques to manage claims is not new, but in the Disability Insurance industry it is still not widespread.

The Claim Lab is an organization that has been conceived to help Disability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance companies improve claim outcomes using innovative techniques.

We can help you:

  • Get greater insight into claims
  • Use interventions more effectively
  • Understand your data better
  • Achieve improved claim outcomes
  • Reduce durations

Our focus is to analyze disability claim information, provide insight to assist insurers in more effective claims management, and to help more employees return to work, “work is healthy” and that is the ultimate goal!

The Claim Lab has a team of people with considerable experience in unlocking your information with advanced analytics to provide you with greater insight into your claims portfolio.

The Claim Lab  – Email us at  info@claimlab.org

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