About Us

We are an insurance technology company, investing in software products to assist insurers improve claims management using data analytics.

We have a set of tools to enable greater understanding to be gained of a claimant’s situation, their mental health, their motivation, to identify workplace issues, domestic issues… All this data we feed into a set of algorithms and analytical tools to gain greater understanding and to help claimants back to work, wherever possible.

Our team members include claim specialists, psychologists, software and data scientists, all working to provide the best possible technology for our clients.

We can help you:

  • Get greater insight into claims
  • Use interventions more effectively
  • Understand your data better
  • Achieve improved claim outcomes
  • Reduce durations

We have clients and partners in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, in disability, life, workers compensation insurance and re-insurance.

Our vision is to assist our clients to produce a data driven claims management process using evidenced based analytics to identify the optimum way to help individuals return to work, whenever possible.

Our strength is in our individual team members with wide expertise in many disciplines, working together with a common focus and vision.

The Claim Lab  – Email us at  info@claimlab.org

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