April 2022 – The Worker Compensation Iceberg!

For almost exactly two years now, COVID induced uncertainty has created uncertainty in people’s lives, the economy at large, the insurance industry, and the workers’ compensation line. Throw in an unprecedented set of factors such as “The Great Resignation” and work from home and the crystal ball has been even more cloudy than usual. Initial […]

March 2022 – Super-Charging Past Data

WARNING: This paper contains opinions that may shock, annoy, dismay and generally offend valuation actuaries! With this headline warning we did not deliberately set out to cast aspersions on the science of setting disability life reserves nor the professionals that are charged with this responsibility. Who are we with only our claims management expertise to encroach […]

January 2022 – Mousetrap!

How do we build a better mousetrap in claims? In this case, I am referring to your claims data strategy as the mousetrap and the need for better, smarter tools in your claims process. In the current climate, there has never been more important time to develop and execute a well-considered strategy. The reasons are many. […]

October 2021 – “4.3 Million Workers are Missing…”

Last week, the Wall Street Journal suggested that “4.3 Million Workers are Missing…. Where have they gone?” in an article by Josh Mitchell et al., (click here to review) and provided examples and analysis on the effect across all of industry. Insurance companies have not escaped and claims operations are getting hammered, at a time when claim […]

September 2021 – Claim Volumes Are Up!

COVID, long COVID, anxiety, depression… whatever the reason, claim volumes are up. In this situation we have to modify our procedures to increase productivity. Reliable claim segmentation is a key part of this process.We need to work smarter! We must have the courage to not manage certain claims. Yes, that’s right! We don’t allocate certain claims to case […]

March 2021 – Impact of Depression & Anxiety

As some of you may know, we are closely involved with the Council for Disability Awareness. This is a non-profit that does much in the US to promote disability insurance amongst consumers.   Last year, my CDA colleagues Dr Fraser Gaspar and Fred Schott were co-authors of a research paper, along with Daniel Jolivet, Kerri Wizner, […]

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