Understanding Motivation

One of the key drivers for a claimant returning to work is the personal desire or drive on part of the individual to re-engage with employment.

“the duration of a claim has no correlation with the healing time of the human body”

There are many issues that can complicate the return-to-work time for a claimant, most of which are not medical!

  • Are there underlying mental issues?
  • Do they like their job?
  • How do they get on with their boss?
  • Is there a complex family situation?
  • Do they have a disabled mindset?
  • Have they been on claim before?
  • Where do they see themselves in 6 months time?

The Claim Lab has developed some advanced techniques for assessing these factors that can be built into your claims process and used to collect data to feed the analytics process.

These additional sources of data can be used to provide a predictive model with greater depth and accuracy in several key areas:

  • Information from external sources such as physicians, prescriptions, and specialist return to work data can be useful.
  • The inclusion of case notes can add great depth to the overall picture of the claimant, as what case managers cannot fit into the standard fields on a claim system generally will go into the notes fields.
  • Questionnaires are very powerful and are very specific to certain situations and have proved highly effective in gaining a deeper understanding of underlying issues.

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