‘Never-Seen-Before’ Data

The questionnaire provides psychosocial data measured on a consistent scale. We are seeing correlations that have not been seen before. Some of these are predictable, others are most intriguing.

We see a very high correlation between depression and anxiety and motivation. As the level of depression and anxiety increases, personal motivation declines. From a clinical psychology perspective, this is completely expected, depression causes a decline in motivation.

However, we see depression and anxiety correlate very strongly with workplace issues. Is the workplace issue causing the mental health condition?  Is there really a diagnosis of depression or is it a toxic work environment that is causing the depression? The claimant does not need counselling or CBT, but they need help to find a different job!

We also have a ‘perceived severity’ index… where we see that an individual’s responses are more extreme than would seem appropriate, the claimant is ‘catastrophizing’ their condition, a really good indicator of a tricky claim!

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