July 2023 – Amplify Mental Health Expertise

Amplify Your Mental Health Expertise

An educational webinar on adjudicating claims with a mental health component

Join Munich Re, along with Dr. Les Kertay, Ph.D., and Ian Bridgman from The Claim Lab, on July 18th at 1:00PM ET, for a discussion on the complexities of adjudicating claims with a mental health component.

Dr. Kertay, Ph.D., Chief Psychologist at The Claim Lab, industry consultant, and former Medical Director for disability carriers Unum, Lincoln Financial and New York Life, will share his insights and expertise on adjudicating claims including a mental health component which, according to Dr. Kertay, is all of them.

As you think about claim adjudication:

  • How do you know if a claim has any comorbidities?
  • How confident are you that you’ve identified mental health complexities in physical claims?
  • How do you manage claims when you know comorbidities exist?
  • How do you effectively manage mental health claims?

In our webinar, Amplify your Mental Health Expertise, we will discuss these considerations, share best practices, and introduce you to a solution that will help you confidently adjudicate all types of claims and return claimants to work.

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