December 2014 – Running the same claim twice?

So how do you determine whether an intervention actually works? You cannot run the same claim twice!

No two claims are the same, so you cannot apply rehab to one claim then not to another  and measure the difference!

However, data analytics can help… we can model how a claim behaves without an intervention and predict the outcome. Then we can measure the actual outcome achieved in that claim with an intervention. Does the duration reduce? Does the employee return to work? Is the outcome better than without the intervention? Otherwise why invest…

Do you really understand what interventions work and which do not?

Its very complex, but you need to know where and when to invest in a claim and where and when not to… This enables you to making the best use of the resources available to your claims unit.

We can learn a tremendous amount by looking through the historic data and modeling different claim outcomes.

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