February 2015 – Big differences between the US and Canada

There seems to be a big difference in approach to managing disability claims between Canada and the US. Yes that’s obvious, I hear you say, and the social health care system in Canada plays a major part in this variation.

However, dare I suggest, maybe US claims managers can learn a few tricks here!

In the US, there is a propensity to get claims closed, regardless of whether a positive outcome is achieved.

In Canada there is much more focus on returning the individual to work… the ‘work is healthy’ concept.

“Baloney” I hear you say, but lets just pause and think this through…

The difference between closing a claim and achieving return-to-work is key to this point.

If we start with the assumption that the employee on claim is a valued member of the workforce, why wouldn’t the employer want them back? (If they are not a valued employee, then that sets off a whole different set of questions to be asked…)

How much time do we invest to understand the workplace dynamics!

If a return to work can be achieved, the employee and employer are happy. The employer does not have to pay recruitment costs, and the increased insurance cost reflecting their bad experience.

I think you will find that in Canada, much more time is spent on understanding this factor than in the US.

So if the employee is valued, and the employee wants to go back to work, why should we not invest in this situation?

The question then becomes how to invest. We can help you analyze what works and what does not, info@claimlab.org


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