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February 2020 – Making Mental Health Mainstream!

The World Health Organization’s World Mental Health Day was observed on 10th October – and gives us the opportunity to pause and think about how we can better support those who are struggling with their mental health. I am increasingly persuaded that we need to address mental health issues in a more systematic way, not […]

December 2019 – Unreported MH Issues

Unreported Mental Health Issues… We have been working with the Council for Disability Awareness, helping to push to understand more about the drivers of disability. One project, looking at the influence of mental health on disability claims, has been most revealing. For a while, The Claim Lab has been recording claimants’ levels of depression and […]

October 2019 – Understand Your Workforce

Earlier this month, I was lucky enough to be invited to present at the Disability Management Employers Coalition (DMEC) annual conference. I shared the platform with two industry experts, Carol Harnett and Ed Quick. The topic was quality of data, and we coalesced our different perspectives to a common conclusion…. Claims data is poor and […]

April 2019 – Chili Sause!

Last month we started a series of newsletters (February) to introduce the concept of data enrichment of claims information and we discussed how this will help us to understand what’s really preventing return to work for complex claims. Maybe for those short term disability plans of 3 to 6 months, the duration is driven by […]

January 2019 – Invisible to Claim Managers

Invisible Analytics The concept of ‘invisible analytics’ is about understanding the claim management process and providing direction in a simple and concise way, so it’s transparent to the claim manager. Rather than use the predictive model to provide a claim score, that a claim manager is supposed to interpret, we should drive the action. For […]

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