April 2015 – Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice in Claim Management

Recently there has been significant progress in understanding the reasons why people become disabled after an injury or illness, as well as the predictors of return to work from disability. Dr Marc Milot commented “Human behavior is now understood beyond the narrowly defined and deterministic biomedical model focused on the physical and pathophysiological aspects of […]

February 2015 – Big differences between the US and Canada

There seems to be a big difference in approach to managing disability claims between Canada and the US. Yes that’s obvious, I hear you say, and the social health care system in Canada plays a major part in this variation. However, dare I suggest, maybe US claims managers can learn a few tricks here! In […]

June 2014 – Too much ‘medical guidelines’

The industry of providing medical guidelines has been around for many years, and it’s an important part of the claims management process to understand the depth of the medical issue that is diagnosed on a claim. However, there are a couple of reasons why this approach is flawed. Recovery rates are influenced by many other […]

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