February 2017 – Life without work can be fatal…

White, middle class adults are killing themselves deliberately and inadvertently, quickly and slowly. How bad is a life without work? I have been asked this question a lot lately. It is becoming pretty clear that the forces of globalisation and technological progress are reshaping economies and societies, especially in advanced economies, and that these effects […]

January 2017 – This Medical Director cares about Predictive Modeling

I’m a geek. I like numbers, models, and the big picture. Like a moth to a flame, I find big data both enticing and terrifying. When it comes to outlining clinical best practices, I want to understand the available evidence. But really, why would a disability and workers compensation medical director care about predictive modeling? […]

December 2016 – STD Claims

As I go around the industry, meeting many talented and experienced people who are involved in managing disability claims operations discussing the introduction of claim segmentation, the biggest issue is the ‘change’ in the process. How to do this without causing an issue? The rational for claim segmentation is clear, as soon as we suspect that an STD […]

November 2016 – The Cognitive Kitchen

The Mental Health Cognitive Kitchen – Recipes for a better understanding of Mental Health conditions. The Ingredients of the Diagnosis How do we determine if someone has a medical condition?  We use tests such as MRIs and X-rays. From those tests medical conditions can be discerned and then treated appropriately. With a mental health condition there […]

Let’s Go Back To Work

The Claim Lab is developing specialized models to predict return to work (RTW) for a range of conditions. Whilst doing our research we’ve referenced some previous studies, one we found particularly interesting was published in Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment, ‘Let’s get back to work: survival analysis on the return-to-work after depression’.[1] Aim The aim of this […]

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